June Update

In the words of Mandisa's new song, "Not scared to say it, I used to be the one, Preaching it to you, That you could overcome, I still believe it, But it ain't easy, 'Cause that world I painted, Where things just all work out, It started changing, And I started having doubts, And it got me so down..."


Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul

If you deeply desire to feel the touch of God's voice fall fresh on your soul... If you ache for the tenderness of an intimate conversation with the One who calls you His... If you'd like to be embraced by the stillness of God's presence-to return to your First Love and let Him captivate your heart the way a sunrise leans into a new day... If you'd like to experience God in simple ways again... This forty day journey of the soul is for you.

Struggling with Emotions

I hate my emotions. I shouldn't because they are God-given. But I do. I tend to be overly sensitive. I feel differently and about different things than most people. So I try to control them. Stuff them down. Cover them up. Refuse to reveal them. Often I would prefer being numb to feeling pain or what I deem as negative emotions of any kind. I know that emotions are God-given and He speaks through them. They are meant to be a beautiful part of being human. They are important to God and He catches every tear.

52 Amazing Things {Book Review}

There are wonderful examples of real life application with references to movies and everyday stories that will help you to apply these truths to your life. Each of the things is only a couple pages long so it is easily read and meditated on throughout your day. This is really good for those who are still struggling to figure out what it means to be "In Christ" and how that affects your life.

Letter to Syria

The truth is I can't begin to comprehend what it is like for you. I live in a country that is most of the time peaceful. I can't imagine living where I might hear bombs or gunfire on a regular basis. I can't imagine having to leave everything I know in hopes of living in freedom and safety. I can't imagine fleeing to get to another place to find that you can't get legal work and still having to fight to survive stuck in a refugee camp if you are that lucky. I can't imagine living in tents with little to no food and no provisions. I can't imagine the struggles of having to learn a new language, a new trade in hopes of a better life if you do reach another country. I live in the United States where there is a ban on refugees because we must beware of terrorist like ISIS which makes it hard to help the innocent without subjecting them to lots of red tape. Syria we have failed you. But honestly, I can't be sure that I could love you enough to help as I should. It's not fair to think you should have to leave your country to have a chance at a life. So many of you have been dislocated and I pray that each one of you would be able to break off the bondages that satan has placed on you and go on to live with a freedom that you have never known. I long to see more and more people becoming aware of your plight and reaching out to help with open arms and open doors. I want to know how to make a difference in your situation.