Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul

If you deeply desire to feel the touch of God's voice fall fresh on your soul... If you ache for the tenderness of an intimate conversation with the One who calls you His... If you'd like to be embraced by the stillness of God's presence-to return to your First Love and let Him captivate your heart the way a sunrise leans into a new day... If you'd like to experience God in simple ways again... This forty day journey of the soul is for you.


Struggling with Emotions

I hate my emotions. I shouldn't because they are God-given. But I do. I tend to be overly sensitive. I feel differently and about different things than most people. So I try to control them. Stuff them down. Cover them up. Refuse to reveal them. Often I would prefer being numb to feeling pain or what I deem as negative emotions of any kind. I know that emotions are God-given and He speaks through them. They are meant to be a beautiful part of being human. They are important to God and He catches every tear.

The Power of a Genuine Greeting and Adoption

In my recent bible study, Entrusted by Beth Moore on 2 Timothy, I've fallen in love with the apostle Paul. I love that most of his encouragement was done through writing letters. He offered encouragement while living in the worst of conditions locked away in prison. Set apart, but not forgotten and never unfruitful. Even then he was a good steward. His heart burdened with the responsibility of sharing the good news. He needed to make sure that others knew how to live as we are called.

Already Amazing

As you have seen I typically do not share book reviews on the blog.  Recently I have had the gift of being on several launch teams.  One book that I just must share is Holley Gerth's devotional "Do You Know You're Already Amazing?"  The book looks at 30 lies we believe, and then gives you [...]

3 Ways: Live Loved When You Have Never Seen Love

I'm wondering, do you struggle to live loved? Do you struggle to remember that you are loved without measure by love itself? The problem now lies in living as the beloved of God and not looking for scraps of affection from broken people. This is hard. It's harder yet to learn to love broken people without conditions because God loves me. When every single day brings strife, hurt feelings, and arrows aimed at my heart.