Awaken {Book Review}

Awaken 90 Days with the God Who Speaks is Priscilla Shirer's first devotional.  It doesn't disappoint.  The entries are short at just one page front and back.  She gives you space to journal your thoughts.  From the first page to the last you can feel God on every page.  Even knowing that I got it [...]


Reader’s Bible {Book Review}

For years I have struggled with the tension that I could read the latest novel from cover to cover in days and yet when it came to reading the Bible I struggled to read even a handful of verses. I felt this was wrong. I wanted reading the Bible to be easy. I liked being in the Word. I've formed the daily disciplines essential to successful living. I've fallen in love with the scriptures and through perseverance taught myself to read larger passages of text and to enjoy it.

I Am Number 8 {Book Review}

If God can take David--the invisible eighth son of a forgotten family--and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans He has for redeeming your life. David was born a number 8--a hidden gem, often overlooked and undervalued by everyone except for God. For David, being a number 8 seemed like a curse until the day God transformed him from the unknown eighth son of Jesse into the much-honored king of Israel.

52 Amazing Things {Book Review}

There are wonderful examples of real life application with references to movies and everyday stories that will help you to apply these truths to your life. Each of the things is only a couple pages long so it is easily read and meditated on throughout your day. This is really good for those who are still struggling to figure out what it means to be "In Christ" and how that affects your life.