BookReviews Well: Healing Our Beautiful, Broken World from a Hospital in South Africa {Book Review} -   Well is the story of Sarah Thebarge, a Yale-trained physicians assistant, who nearly died of breast cancer and her story of Medical Missions in West Africa.   While telling of the intense struggles and hardships faced Well is so much more.  Well is a story of Love.  It is an anthem call to us to […]
The Spurgeon Study Bible {Book Review} - This bible is the CSB version which I fell in love with earlier this year.  This translation uses optimal equivalence which is a word for word translation but when that would be confusing or hard to read a more dynamic version is used.  The end result being an accurate translation that is simplified and easy […]
BookReviews Encountering God Through Expository Preaching {Book Review} - I chose this book because it intrigued me.  I figured that it would be above my head but I wanted to learn all I could.  From the beginning I started highlighting and making notes on how to speak on the scriptures well. This book is written in an easy to read format for anyone to […]