Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul

I have had the honor recently of joining the launch team for the book Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray.  I’ll be honest life has been incredibly hard lately and as I heard her talk about her new book I was drawn to it. A 40-day devotional was easy enough to manage and I desperately wanted to soak in God’s love.  Sometimes no matter how strong our faith in the midst of trials we can feel like we are getting it all wrong.  Sometimes we need the reminders that we are so dearly loved.

I get so caught up in striving and trying to earn love that I forget at times that I have the ability to simply rest in God’s love.  I’ll admit that I have not finished the entire book yet because I needed to linger in the words.  Already though God is using the book to change me.

Whispers of rest is a 40 day devotional journey to being the Beloved.  Bonnie Gray provides various choices each day to interact with what God speaks to your soul.  The variety should appeal to all people whether you enjoy a quiet walk, journaling or creating something.  It really is all about quieting to hear what God would say to you.

Each day comes with a one word focus that ties everything together.  But you are also encouraged to choose the word that God speaks to you should it be different.  Each day has a story.  Then there are scriptures followed by God’s whispers to you and a prayer for the day.  There are questions for deeper reflection, a time to pray and rest, and a daily challenge for you to engage in.

I have loved to journal for many years so that has been my favorite way to reflect on the daily word and scriptures.  My journaling in the past has been a more surface level simply identifying my thoughts and feelings and maybe working through a struggle.  Through these challenges though I have begun to use my journaling time to go deeper.  I have been confiding my deepest thoughts and feelings to God.  Things I wouldn’t dare say out loud.  I’ve also listened and been surprised as I journaled His response back to me.  Maybe you already do this.  For me though it sparked something and it is bringing beautiful healing to broken places as God reveals truths I couldn’t see and then speaks into the situations.

If you deeply desire to feel the touch of God’s voice fall fresh on your soul…

If you ache for the tenderness of an intimate conversation with the One who calls you His…

If you’d like to be embraced by the stillness of God’s presence-to return to your First Love and let Him captivate your heart the way a sunrise leans into a new day…

If you’d like to experience God in simple ways again…

This forty day journey of the soul is for you.

To learn more about the book visit http://www.whispersofrest.com/.  There you can order the book, learn more about Bonnie’s heart behind the book and you can get free resources and sign up for the book club that will be starting

Weekly Journaling Art Page

6 Book Study Video Series

6 Scripture Coloring Pages

6 Prayer Reflection Podcasts


3 thoughts on “Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul

  1. “I get so caught up in striving and trying to earn love that I forget at times that I have the ability to simply rest in God’s love.” 🙋me too.

    I know I already told you, but thank you again for inviting me to join this. I’m not done either, but God sure knew I needed it. So thankful for you, Deanna. I pray God continues to meet you as you rest in his love. ❤️

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