Stay The Path {Book Review}

Stay the Path is a beautiful book that lays out how to keep going toward your purpose and destiny. Finally…someone has written on the struggles on your adventures with God. I’ve always heard you need to be in God’s will.  It sounded like that was the sweet spot and life would go easy. What a lie! In God’s will brings about struggles and battles like never before.

Bobbie graciously comes alongside you and says yes this is hard. It’s hard but this is what I’ve learned. This is how God comes through. This is what you need to remember.  I’ve read this book twice and will likely read many times more. Stay the Path goes in my pile of life-altering, life impacting books that I want to have to refer back to until God calls me home.  I will recommend Stay the Path to everyone I know.  If you are struggling to understand why fulfilling your purpose is so hard you need this book. If you feel like giving up…you need this book. If you feel alone on the journey even when many friends surround you…but they can’t do it for you…you need this book.

Bobbie writes like the voice of a dear friend if my journey could teach you anything this is what I would say.  I’ve not really known of Bobbie Houston. I’m not a fan. I don’t even have a passing interest…she simply wasn’t on my radar. Stay the Path crossed my path during a time where I was struggling to move forward. Tempted to quit. Tired of all those people speaking large things into my life. Things so much bigger than me. Stay the Path was like a refreshing drink of water to a thirsty soul.

Stay the Path was a reminder that I have what it takes because God has me. It served to assure me that I am not the only one struggling to stay the path. It made me feel less alone and provided the wisdom I didn’t have on my own.  Thank you, Bobbie, for being willing to guide others with such openness. It seems far too little has been said before about what it takes to live out your purpose and actually talk about the trials and far too much has been said about everyone having purpose without getting real about it.

*Received a copy of the book from Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review


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