Are You Living Up To Your Name?

Photo Credit: Karl Fredrickson Photography via Unsplash

Names.  There is a lot of time and attention given to choosing a name for your coming child.  Most people don’t stumble on it easy.  It requires prayer and planning.  Most people do some research on names wanting to choose a name with meaning and purpose.  Then there is usually double checking a name to make sure that children will not get picked on or bullied.  It can take time to come up with a name that fits and is loved by both you and your husband.  Sometimes you even try to incorporate the name of a friend or relative.

Once you choose the name you begin to try and envision what will the baby be like.  Will baby take more after me or my husband?  Please have this really great trait while leaving off this really bad character quirk.  Only time will tell what baby will be like or if they live up to the name that was chosen for them.

Maybe you don’t like your name.  I never liked mine.  Still, as a believer in Christ, we have a name to live up to.  We are called Christians which simply means being a follower of Jesus Christ.  We are to be imitators of Christ.  The question is do we live up to our name.  If someone saw you in public on your worst day at your worst moment could they tell that you really belonged to the family of Christ?

Do you live up to your name?

Are you walking around defeated, beat down and barely hanging on?

Then are you living up to your name?  For Jesus never walked that way.  Even on the way to the cross Jesus didn’t act defeated.  As Christians we are given the ability to have joy in the midst of pain, to be overcomers of all that stands in our way, and we have been given the authority over the enemy and he can’t stop us.

Are you complaining, murmuring, and grumbling?

Then are you representing the family name?  Jesus never did that either.  In fact, Jesus warns us against that.

Are you focused on self and overlooking the needs around you?

Then are you representing the family name?  Jesus didn’t overlook the needs around Him.  He was moved with compassion to meet the needs and speak to those in need of encouragement and truth.

Do you know who you are?

Jesus knew who He was, He knew that He had a purpose to fulfill with His life.

Just as Jesus had a purpose for His life on this earth we also have a purpose.  We are not born just to drift through life trying to survive until we are called to go home.  There is a specific purpose for every person.  A calling that they are meant to live out.  It doesn’t matter if you are saved or a sinner we all have a purpose!  Our lives are but a breath and we all have some reason predetermined by God for our being created and given life.  This is not just for the saved, not just for the Christian.  Remember every saved person, every Christian started out as a sinner so you can’t think that because you don’t know Jesus yet that it doesn’t apply to you.

We need to fulfill the purpose for which we were given life.  We need to know who we are so that we can do that.  You can’t live like Jesus did without knowing who you are.  When you know who you are then you are able to walk in confidence, power, strength, meekness, being a servant to others with great love and compassion.

Now I ask you to consider are you living up to your name?  Ask your loving Heavenly Father to reveal to you what changes you need to see in your life to help you live up to your name.




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