The Mark of the King {Book Review}


The Mark of the King is a historical fiction book by Jocelyn Green.  These days I rarely read fiction but when I do I expect it to be inspiring and challenging.  I enjoy historical fiction especially when it is clean.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from Jocelyn Green as this was my first time reading her books.  It will not be my last time!

The story is about midwife Julianne Chevalier who is imprisoned and branded for the death of a client.  She trades her sentence for exile to Louisiana.  The journey that she is forced to take is incredible, harsh, and she is ill-equipped at best.  She doesn’t know the struggles that await her and some of the experiences she faces many would not be able to survive.  While she has been exposed to faith in God it is not something that she feels like she knows much about.  Although in subtle ways throughout the book you will find that she relies on her strength by the grace of God.

This was a beautiful story of being able to overcome insurmountable obstacles and to really find out more about herself and to see how God can bring good from things that are meant to harm us.  Everything is redeemable even those marks that we carry that the world can see and hold against us.

I have been finished with the book for awhile but like all good books I keep thinking about the characters and the ability to survive the struggles.  The human ability to keep adapting to the things around us was strong in this book and it makes me think about my tendency to dismiss the hard things and my natural tendency to want to quit.  Then I think of the courage that Julianne exhibited and it makes me want to carry that kind of boldness and courage even when I am afraid of the uncertainties that lie ahead.  I think of the shame she carried and that others branded her with and how it was something held against her always and realizing that in no way could she ever overcome it.  Still she had to let people close and dismiss that personal risk to find a life worth living.

You can read the prologue and first chapter here!

*Received a copy from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review









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