Feed the Promise

Photo Credit: Sudhagar Shanmugasigamani via Unsplash

Often I find that there is a waiting time between the promise God gives you and the fulfillment of the promise.  It can be easy if you are seeing no progress to begin to doubt if you heard correctly.  It can be easy to lay it on the shelf and try and forget about it.  I’ve done this often with different areas of my life.

Instead of thinking that you missed it or getting discouraged that it may never happen. What if you feed the promise?  Jesus told Peter to “Feed my sheep”.  I believe that we are to feed the promise.  I wish someone would have told me this.  I find that there is a lot that I was never taught.

I find God likes it when we talk with Him about the doubts, the fears, and the excitements that the promises bring.  I have in recent years begun something called dream storming.  It’s a lot like brainstorming.  It is just focused on the dream or vision God has given you.  At one time I had a vision many years ago for something and for many years I just occasionally thought about it.  But a few years ago I read about this idea and I began to write out plans.  Lists of things that I thought would be necessary to see it come to pass.  Writing it made it feel more tangible.

I don’t think you have to write it if that is not your thing.  But allow God to sit with you as you develop the dream.  Last year I got a word about something changing in my life.  I was instantly equal parts excited and terrified.  It has been almost a year and I’ve not seen it happen yet.  When I first got the word I refused to think about it.  I refused to believe that God said what I knew I had heard.  God was intentional in getting my attention.  Once it was so unmistakable that I could no longer question it there was a shift.  For over 2 months it occupied my every thought.  Constantly in the back of my mind and the minute, I would get quiet I would begin to daydream about what it might be like.  Until I almost made myself crazy.  Finally, I was like God until I see some progress I need you to stop me from thinking about it.

I regained some control over my thought life with God’s help.  Soon I even tried to shelve it.  But God was bringing reminders to keep me encouraged along the way. I begin to see a little bit revealed here and there.  Each time I got a glimpse of something more it would fuel more dream storming sessions.

I have found that for me the more I allow myself to dream and pray about it with God the more real it seems.  God knowing my ability to doubt and question everything has provided much confirmation. I am much more excited about this promise than about others I have received because I have engaged with it.

This week God brought another promise back to my mind. I realize that I have failed to feed this promise and God himself began to bring things to mind the other day. I found that most of my day went to pondering and considering that promise.  God is teaching me by experience He doesn’t desire I place the promises on the shelf to passively wait on. No, He desires that I engage in dialogue and dreaming with Him about it.  It makes Him happy when I allow myself to think outside the box and ask Him about it. I ask what He is revealing or begin planning what it may look like.

So I encourage you to take some time to dream this week with God about the promises that He has spoken to your heart.  Or how you can use the talents and gifts that He has given you.






4 thoughts on “Feed the Promise

  1. Just last night I was at a prayer meeting at my church. A friend prayed for me and she told me that I needed to dream. Oh my gosh! You just confirmed what she said. I love it! God gave me a dream years ago to be an interpreter for the deaf. I went to college and took 3 semesters of ASL. But I did not finish. I still think about it from time to time. I would really like to fulfill that dream even though I have doubts. I would need to start over with going to school. I know this dream could still come true. With God all things are possible! And just to let you know Deanna, I am reading the Spiritual Armor prayer every morning and I love it! So powerful ! Thank you for your blogs! Blessings to you!

  2. Sweet Kathy, I love how God worked that out that this was confirmation for you! All praise and blessings to God! Sometimes I find that God gives me a dream but over time I lay it down. Often I find that later God brings me back around to that. Obviously this is something God is doing for you also. Let Him lead you as you begin to dream with Him again.

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