Unlock Truth Never Neglecting Your God Given Authority

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Photo Credit: David Everett Strickler via Unsplash

If you received a perfectly wrapped present then never unwrapped it the gift inside is useless to you. I don’t imagine that many people receive a physical gift and leave it unopened.  Yet many people have received spiritual gifts and they remain useless to us. Before we can understand all that is ours we must learn the Word. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). Jesus is the Word (John 1:1,14) The bible is a gift to us that is often neglected. (Tweet This) Before we can know who we are we must know what scripture says about us. Scripture is the only real truth.

In 2 Corinthians 5:15, 17 it says

And He died for all, so that all those who live would no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and was raised for their sake. 17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ [that is, grafted in, joined to Him by faith in Him as Savior], he is a new creature [reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit]; the old things [the previous moral and spiritual condition] have passed away. Behold, new things have come [because spiritual awakening brings a new life].

Since we have established that scripture is true we now see that we now live for Christ. We also see that at salvation we became a new creation. The old person you were has died. The old habits, ways of thinking and relating have gone. So why are we continually trying to resurrect our old selves who we didn’t like? Did you realize that you are aligning with satan and giving him access and authority over your life?  You are each time that you agree with the enemy that the old self is alive and well. (Tweet This)

Think about it if you have someone dead in front of you and you speak to them they are incapable of responding. You can tell them to sit up, but without you physically moving the body it is incapable of responding.  At this point in your life, the most satan can do is whisper in your ear that your old self is not dead. (Tweet This)  At most, it is a lie with no power. You can answer that lie with this scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:17. If you don’t understand the truth in this scripture though then you will think it is pointless. You begin to act as if God never changed you.  In that moment you reject the truth of God for a lie and you have given satan authority in your life. You have effectively ignored the gift that you were given.

There are so many professing Christians who have failed to understand this basic concept. They have a ticket to Heaven but they are living powerless lives.  We are in the end times and it is essential that we get serious about knowing the truth. I can’t imagine anything worse than getting to heaven and seeing all the plans God had for my life. For God to say “look what I had for you to do” and realizing that I failed to stand in the power and authority that I had.  Therefore not living out the plans that God has for me.

15 And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]. 16 He who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] and is baptized will be saved [from the penalty of eternal death]; but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] will be condemned. 17 And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages; 18 They will pick up serpents; and [even] if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well. ~Mark 16:15-18 (AMPC)

Church it is the time to wake up and realize that this is not a passive faith.  We have a job to do.  We must learn how to use our authority.  I encourage you this week to spend some time before the Lord. Ask Him where you have aligned yourself with the enemy against the truth.






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