The Truth People Misunderstand Obedience to God is Costly

Photo Credit: Sunset Girl via Unsplash

As you follow God you will find yourself misunderstood.  I have struggled with how this always happens. And often how it is those in the church that can’t understand.  When God gives you a word and no one else gets to hear it life gets interesting.  This is when it becomes incredibly hard to walk out what God speaks to your heart.

When I don’t understand I have done my best to be obedient to what God is calling me to do.  I have surrounded myself with people who would support, love and encourage me forward.  I have made a few close friendships since coming to my new church. These precious friendships were strongly opposed.  In fact, since coming to this church I have faced more opposition from the enemy than I care to admit.  Still, I knew that this was where God wanted me. He has been faithful to give friends as I needed them.

There reaches a point in your obedience where people will not understand. bg-twitter There are many reasons for this. God doesn’t give them insight. You are in different places in your Christian walk. You believe differently.  It makes life hard, especially when you want friends to be supportive and journey with you.  Obedience is costly and there will be a point where you have to journey alone. bg-twitter  Obedience will be seen by others as disobedience.  That is a hard place.  I have been there a couple of times now and each time I struggle to understand what I am doing wrong.

I cry, pray, and seek God and His wisdom.  I get encouragement from God to continue moving forward.  Pressing into the place where obedience is causing questions.  I’ve had people accuse me of not following God, being disobedient and my heart breaks.  When everyone says you are wrong following God is hard.  In the past this has caused me to waver, to delay my obedience.

The problem is what God asked me to do I didn’t understand.  No one else did either.  I find that obedience is costly. bg-twitter  I have fought God on some of the things that He has asked of me.  I have struggled because it didn’t feel right to me.  It doesn’t look “normal” and I have questioned at times if it was scriptural.  Now I just have to ask God to show me in a way that the enemy can’t confuse. I am learning to trust that I can hear His voice and I know how He leads me.

It is a struggle being obedient when others don’t see your obedience for what it is. I’m learning that when I choose obedience I will receive many opportunities to change my mind. The enemy is crafty and I have plenty of chances to do the wrong thing.  It takes a stubborn commitment to move forward no matter what, even if I end up alone with God.  Still each time this happens it feels heartbreaking and hard.

I know that I am not the only person to find this is a hard thing.  How have you been misunderstood as you seek to follow God?  How have you noticed obedience is costly in your life?  How did it wreck your life at the moment that you can now look back and see it was a pure blessing?  How has obedience reshaped your life?










3 thoughts on “The Truth People Misunderstand Obedience to God is Costly

  1. Deanna: I identify with all you say here. I have had to severe familial relationships because I felt I couldn’t have a relationship with certain people and be obedient to God. It wasn’t always easy but God guided me through the difficult times.

    1. Praising God that He is always there to guide us through these tough times and that He enables us with the power to be obedient when no one else understands.

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